Patches So Good, there should be a troop formed just to hand them out!!

So I mentioned a week or two ago that I was expecting a patch soon from Thaddeus Moore. Well, I’ve had it for a few days now and I find me kicking myself for not ordering another 5 or so since I can’t decide what I’d like to add it to more. With that said, here is a picture:



I would just like to say that these patches are beautiful, not a stitch misplaced. Honestly, I really do want to start some sort of RPG merit badge system for my kids just to have another use for these things. For now though, I plan to use it as a moral patch on my GoRuck pack. They are brilliant and, judging by the previews and ideas I’ve seen Thaddeus throw around, even better things are on the horizon. If you are interested, his info is in the picture above. He is a great creator doing something unique and beautiful in our hobby and I highly encourage everyone to go out and support him and others like him.


Until next time, have fun!





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