Back again!

Hey everyone! After a long hiatus, we are back and better than ever! I have no excuse as to why I’ve been gone, other than life as a dad of for, which reminds me, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there reading this! So I will be covering a range of new and […]

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New OSR Patch!!

I just received my new patches from Thaddeus Moore and I have to say that these are gorgeous! Please don’t let my pathetic excuse for photography put you off to these gems. They have an iron-on back and are very stout. I am adding one to my GoRuck pack and sending the other to a […]

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The Black Hack, Baby!!!

  The Black Hack by David Black (TBH from here on out) is one of my favorite rules-lite games on earth (maybe even on Mars?). It is simple, streamlined and oh so deadly. Coming in at 20 pages, this small system comes with Rules, Equipment lists, Spells and Foes to fight, making this invaluable for […]

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Tabletop RPGs for Kids

One of the things I found when I decided to start playing RPGs with my children was that there was not a lot of information out there on appropriate game systems for this player type. To be honest, the few resources that I did find basically said to dumb down Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 or […]

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Maze Rats Game Recap

So last week I wrote a review of Maze Rats by Ben Milton. This week I’d like to post a recap of the first game of Maze Rats that I ran for my 8, 6 and 4 year old children. Now, to preface this, the oldest two have played other RPGs before, with their favorite […]

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OSR Patches

A new aquantince of mine, Thaddeus Moore, is making OSR themed patches that look out of this world. I’ll be reviewing mine as soon as it comes in but click here for the link.

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Delving deep with Maze Rats

Title: Maze Rats Author: Ben Milton In an age where all of geekdom seems to be enthralled with D&D 5th edition, I find myself going back to my roots with all of the solid OSR content out there. As a GM, there is just something special about running a game where things like encounter balance and challenge rating are […]

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Pros of Traditional Gaming

You may be wondering, “What’s so great about Traditional Gaming? Video games are just as fun!” Well I’m here to tell you that this kind of thinking is just plain wrong. Traditional games are head and shoulders above the lonely pastime of video gaming (at least how it is done today with the prevalence of […]

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